On Wednesday 20 September 2017, Real Nappies for London joined Hackney Real Nappy Network’s Real Nappy Meet & Give and Take – a popular real nappy event that takes place in Hackney every two months!

The Hackney Real Nappy Network offers parents a zero-waste solution to the problem of what to do with reusable nappies once the baby is potty-trained: pass them on to other parents. During the event, parents could donate their pre-loved reusable nappies, baby and maternity clothes for other parents to take for free. Parents were also able to have a chat about real nappies with Real Nappies for London and Nappy Ever After.

This year parents living in Hackney also have the opportunity to claim a free real nappy voucher in person via Hackney Council at the Give and Take event.

It was a joyful meet-up of lots of parents who are keen to try reusable nappies and to share parenting knowledge. Britain throws away nearly three billion disposable nappies a year – when attending events like this you wonder why more parents aren’t using reusable nappies and joining the fun!


Thank you to all the parents who attended and passed on their reusable nappies. Together we are making a difference!

The next Real Nappy Meet & Give and Take will be on Wednesday 22 November 2017 – 11am @ the Roundchapel, Old School Rooms, 2 Powerscroft Road, E5 0PU. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no need to bring to take. If you are interested to get involved with the Hackney Real Nappy Network, you can get in touch – info@hackneyrealnappy.net.

A list of real nappy information and nappy Give and Take events can also be found via our Events Diary.

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