Why Switch to Reusable Nappies

In the first 2.5 years of a baby’s life, they will have gone through at least 4,000 nappy changes. In London, the majority of these nappy changes will be of the single-use variety and thrown away to be incinerated for energy for waste. Parents choose to use reusable nappies for three main reasons:


Better for Baby

Breathable soft natural fabrics, which are comfortable and gentle on your baby’s skin.

Reduce Waste

By using just one reusable nappy a day instead of a disposable nappy, you will save 912 disposable nappies from incineration.

Save Money

Using reusable nappies full time can save you on average £195 per year. Further savings can be made if the same nappies are used on a second child.

What are reusable nappies and how to get started


Choose to Reuse

Reusable nappies will save you waste, save you money, and are easy to use, wash and dry because of their modern designs. They come in three main types: All-in-One, Shaped and Flat. Find out more about the different types of reusable nappies and what else you may need.

“Reuse for a day, don’t throw it away!”

On our get started page, we offer tips and advice on what you need to get started, how to wash and dry reusable nappies, and where to you can buy them. For every day you use reusable nappies, you will not only reduce waste but consume less single-use plastic equivalent to seven plastic bags a day.

Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme

Claim your £45 reusable nappy voucher

If you live in Kensington and Chelsea, you are entitled to a reusable nappy voucher worth £45 administered by the Washable Nappy Company. The easiest way to claim your voucher is to attend one of the ‘Nappy Natter’ sessions and bring proof of your:

  • identity
  • address
  • birth or pregnancy

You can also claim a voucher by sending these supporting documents by email to: realnappies@rbkc.gov.uk. For further information, visit: Kensington and Chelsea website.

Your £45 reusable nappy voucher is redeemable for a pack of reusable nappies via the Washable Nappy Company. For more information on upcoming Nappy Natter session, visit the Washable Nappy Company website.


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