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Real Nappies for London is run by a small team of staff which is administered by London Community Resource Network (LCRN). The scheme works in partnership with local authorities to reduce disposable nappy waste across London.

Real Nappies for London shares it’s expertise and research evidence through campaigns which encourage and promote the use of real nappies. Our aim is to reduce the amount of disposable nappy waste sent to landfill and incineration.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker

Project Manager

Alice joined Real Nappies for London in October 2010.  She is keen to help more boroughs reduce nappy waste and is happy to discuss bespoke incentives and rewards including helping parents promote real nappies in their boroughs.

Hanna Goetz

Project Assistant

Hanna joined Real Nappies for London in November 2016.  She currently provides administrative support for the scheme.


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