Get Involved


If you’re interested to help promote reusable nappies in your borough, we can offer advice on how to best achieve this. You may find that you only want to help when you have the time and energy, but if you would prefer something more regular then get in touch – or 020 3150 2023


Volunteer Sessions

Real Nappies for London run volunteer sessions throughout the year.  This is your opportunity to come along to meet other parents who use real nappies and help brainstorm ideas of promoting real nappies across London.

Ideas to Promote Real Nappies



You can distribute Real Nappies for London leaflets to your Local Baby Clinic / GP, Child’s Nursery or Children Centre, Hospital or Library. The list is endless…

Posting a Review


If you’ve been to a great nappy demo or received a great service on the phone. You could post a review on Baby Centre, Mumsnet, Netmums, Made for Mums, Nappy Valley or on your favourite site.

Antenatal Class


Give your antenatal teacher some of our leaflets or even better – ask if you can give a brief demo to the current group. There’s nothing more convincing as seeing a reusable nappy change if your baby is still in nappies, right?

Write to Them


Help give reusable nappies a voice by e-mailing your local councillor. They’re more likely to act if they hear from their residents. The Nappy Alliance gives tips and a template of how to best do this. 

Social Media


Using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Share your pictures and reviews with us (@realnappiesforlondon – Facebook and Instagram OR @_RNfL on Twitter). Get involved with our Real Life Reusables campaign to encourage more parents to make the switch. 

Guest Blog


Fancy writing a few words about your experience and motivations to use real nappies? Let us know.

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