The London Borough of Islington is working in partnership with Real Nappies for London to promote reusable nappies as an alternative to single-use nappies.

If you are a parent with a baby under 18 months, or a parent-to-be, currently living in Islington, you are eligible to apply for a free £54.15 voucher to buy reusable nappies or contribute to a paid-for washable nappy laundry service. The incentive is to help you save money and reduce single-use nappy waste being thrown away in the borough.

Why Switch to Reusable Nappies

In the first 2.5 years of a baby’s life, they will have needed at least 4,000 nappy changes. If of the single-use kind, they will all be sent for incineration, which is not great for our environment. It also costs the local authority to dispose of this waste. 

Parents switch to reusable nappies for three main reasons:

Better for Baby

Breathable soft natural fabrics, which are comfortable and gentle on your baby’s skin.

Reduce Waste

By using just one reusable nappy a day instead of a disposable nappy, you will save 912 disposable nappies from incineration.

Save Money

Using reusable nappies full time over 2.5 years can save you on average £488. Further savings can be made if the same nappies are used on a second child.

What are reusable nappies and how to get started


What are reusable nappies?

Reusable nappies come in three main types: All-in-One, Shaped and Flat. Modern designs make using, washing and drying easy. Find out more about the different types of reusable nappies and what else you may need.


Ready to Make a Real Change?

Reusable nappies will save you waste, save you money, and are very easy to use. On our get started page, we offer tips and advice on what you need to get started, how to wash and dry reusable nappies, and where to you can buy them.

Free Real Nappy Voucher

Apply for a FREE reusable nappy voucher worth £54.15

If you are a parent living in Islington with a baby under 18 months, or parent-to-be, you are eligible to apply for a free voucher worth £54.15 to help with the initial cost of buying reusable nappies or for a paid-for washable nappy laundry service

Nurseries using Reusable Nappies in Islington

Archway Early Years
Vorley Road
London N19 5HE

020 7272 3350

The Gower School
18 North Road
London N7 9EY
020 7700 2445

The Grove Nursery
91 Shepperton Road
London N1 3DF
020 7226 4037

London Borough of Islington

i-Recycle Centre

1 Cottage Road
London N7 8TP
0207 527 5157

Local Reusable Nappy Advisor

Sling Library

Bloomsbury Sling Library

Where: Coram’s Fields Children Centre, 93 Guildford Street, WC1N 1DN
Contact: To book your appointment – |


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