This is another reason people give for not trying reusable nappies; too much choice.   There are lots of pushchairs too but that doesn’t seem to prevent people from buying them.    John Lewis says that’s why it doesn’t sell reusable nappies – but it sells slings and there are a lot of those to choose from too, right?

But you do need help to buy washable nappies, because it’s still a niche product and you are new to this whole parenting/nappy thing.  We tend to wear different clothes for lounging around the house, going to bed, showing off at a party and so on.  It’s the same with nappies.  Flat nappies are good for lounging around at home, bamboo shaped nappies can be good for nights, pockets can be good for going out and about and well, customised nappies – if you can afford them – are great for social occasions.  

So get a mixed bundle of 6 flats (such as muslins, terries or pre-folds), a shaped nappy, a couple of waterproof wraps to go over the top of all of those and then a pocket to try.  That’s 8 nappies that all work and will be useful.  That little bundle shouldn’t cost you much more than £60.  Based on your experience you can build up your stash from there.

As with slings it’s a good idea to buy from an agent or nappy consultant who will ask you questions, find out your preferences and help you choose what’s right for you.  You can even borrow from your local nappy library.  You may even pick up the flats for free on your local Freecycle.  If 100% cotton give them a boilwash with no detergent to sterilise and get rid of any residues.

Don’t be afraid, take the plunge.  And if you live in Bexley, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Islington or Tower Hamlets don’t forget to apply for your nappy voucher.  You can apply HERE

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