Have you heard of Natural Infant Hygiene otherwise known as EC, short for Elimination Communication? London mum, Rachel Richardson prefers the former term as it puts the emphasis on working with your baby’s natural instinct to be clean and dry. For some people changing baby so frequently sounds like a nightmare but after I’d seen Rachel’s presentation on NIH last week in Lewisham I just wished I’d known about it when my babies were born. To find out more you can download Rachel’s factfile on NIH from the RNfL website.Real Nappies for London is going to see if Rachel can do more workshops over the next year in different parts of London. Perhaps it should be taught in ante-natal classes so everyone can have the knowledge!

If you just want to avoid soiled nappies this may interest you. The mum who told me about her experience has 4 children, two girls and two boys, now grown up. They pooed on a pot from birth. There was no issue with washing nappies at high temperature as they were only ever wet. The babies had no nappy rash and needed no creams. This mum was told that the child may regress later but this didn’t happen with her children.

But how do you know when your baby is going to poo? This mum fed her babies every four hours. After each feed she held her baby over a pot. Baby is held like this with head resting on arm if necessary and the baby’s back is massaged gently. If a poo comes it does, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Any other stories to share? Let’s give parents the knowledge. It’s up to you to work out whether it works for you and your baby or not.

For more info on natural infant hygiene visit tribal baby.

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