Holidays, travelling, great adventures! Something that my partner and I did quite a bit of whilst our son, Logi, was a baby. We started using reusable nappies after he turned one, so when it came to nappies whilst traveling, we would sometimes use disposable and sometimes use reusable – it all depended on what we were doing and where we were staying. In this blog, I’m going to share with you my reusable nappy packing list and what to keep in mind if using reusable nappies whilst on holiday.  

With staycation being an easy form of travelling/going on holiday, there are many options to choose, from self-catered accommodation like guesthouses, Airbnb’s to camping: 

Guesthouses, Airbnb, Cottages  

When booking always check if there is access to a washing machine. In most cases, self-catered accommodation will have a washing machine, however if there isn’t, then ask the host if there is anywhere nearby where you can do laundry. You may find that the hosts are ok with you using theirs or they will recommend a local launderette.  

When washing at a launderette, we recommend contacting the manager to ask if it’s ok to wash reusable nappies there, just to check. Again, in most cases launderettes should be fine with it and appreciate that you spoke with them first.  

At both self-catered accommodation and launderettes, it is recommended to wash reusable nappies at 60°C. 


Camping and Glamping is on the rise and a fun alternative to Airbnb’s and cottages. Some campsites may provide access to a coin operated washing machine, however not all campsites will have one. Using reusable nappies is still do-able, it just requires a little forward thinking and washing by hand. All you need is a bucket and a very helpful tool… a plunger! First a cold pre-rinse/wash and then a warm wash with non-bio detergent (commonly recommended by manufacturers to use non-bio powder rather than liquid detergent). Use the plunger to agitate the water to help the nappies mix with the detergent – a washing technique which has traditionally been done for clothing. There are some useful YouTube videos demonstrating how to wash reusable nappies by hand 

Tip: for drying, remember to pack some washing line rope and laundry pegs. It won’t take up a lot of packing space, weighs next to nothing and will guarantee you have somewhere to hang the nappies to dry. Plus, it will look awesome too – who needs bunting when you have reusable nappies! Check out this blog post for lots of useful tips on drying reusable nappies.  

So, what to bring and how many?  

Which reusable nappies are good when going on holiday 

The nappies you already have and prefer are the best nappies to bring. If you haven’t yet redeemed your reusable nappy voucher [LINK] and are planning to go on holiday, then the most space-saving and lightest reusable nappy options are two-part nappy systems and all-in-two’s. The inner absorbent material can be changed whilst reusing the waterproof wrap up to usually three times. These nappies are also easier to wash by hand if you do not have access to a washing machine.  

How many should I bring 

We recommend bringing enough nappies for two day’s use. If you want to wash more or less frequently then adjust the quantity to your preferred amount. If you do not have enough reusable nappies for a full washing machine load, then remember you can add additional items like dirty clothes to the temperature wash.

Tip: bring 3 x night nappies as they take longer to dry and you’ll never get caught short. 

The nappies you already have and prefer are the best nappies to bring.

Remember to: 

  • bring wet-bags to store soiled nappies – especially if this is just a short weekend trip and you will be washing the nappies once back home.  
  • bring detergent (or buy some when you’re there).  
  • bring a handy ‘poo scraper’ if needed. 

As an example, all of the above thoughts went into my personal reusable nappy travel check-list: 

  • 10 x all-in-one/pocket nappies (I wish we’d had some two-part nappies or all-in-two’s for our travels) 
  • 3 x night nappies and waterproof wrap 
  • 2 x wet-bags 
  • 15 x reusable wet wipes (some to wash bum and some to wash face and hands) 
  • Poo scraper 
  • Powder detergent (one takeaway box) 
  • Washing line rope 
  • Laundry pegs (one takeaway box) 

I have to admit, the first time we went away, we were a bit nervous about using reusable nappies. However, after trying it over a long weekend, we saw that it wasn’t much of a big deal and happily continued using reusable nappies when on holiday.  

Have you used reusable nappies whilst on holiday? We would love to know more handy tips! Tag us in your reusable nappy travel posts on social media so we can see and share.  


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