Why gift a reusable nappy to a parent or parent-to-be for Christmas?

Firstly, they are beautiful and durable all-round gifts, for both expectant parents and those who already have little ones currently in nappies. Not only are they beautiful, but they bring so many benefits to both baby and parent. The natural and breathable materials are incredibly soft and comfortable for baby. For a parent, the cost savings can be amazing – an average of £195 every year – and they won’t constantly have a heaving bin of single-use nappies to get rid of each week. While some Christmas presents do not last that long at all (we all know that chocolate box gets eaten in seconds), reusable nappies are made to last for years and will continue to offer benefits for far longer. In short, they’re such a valuable gift to give, something that a parent will use again and again.

We have a list of local and UK-based suppliers and manufacturers on our Where to Buy section. Whatever your budget, you can choose to buy one or two nappies (even using one nappy a day can save 912 disposable nappies from reaching landfill or incineration), or you can get enough to last a baby 24 hours (around 6-8 nappies). Splitting the present with other friends / family members can make it a well-meaning group gift. There are many reusable nappy designs that could match the baby’s little personality – do they have a favourite animal or toy vehicle? – or you can choose a design that suits the festive period or any other season.

Reusable nappies make sustainable and well-meaning gifts, especially if you can write little notes of advice to go with them. Nappy manufacturers provide simple product care guides that you can put on a present tag / Christmas card, so the parent knows how easy it is to use and wash the nappies. You can also point the parent towards our Get Started page, which sets out the nappy types and accessories, as well as our very simple washing and drying routine. If the family lives in one of our voucher-participating boroughs, then let them know that they can claim one of our free reusable nappy vouchers too!

Alternatively, if you did not want to buy brand new nappies, you could gift a rented kit from a local nappy library or contribute to a nappy laundry service subscription. Nappy libraries are run by parents who have used reusable nappies on their own babies, so the nappy kits are tried and tested and great to use. Nappy laundry services provide a weekly drop-off/collection of flat (prefold) nappies which have been washed to NHS standards. This is a worthwhile option for the first 6-8 weeks of a newborn arriving, giving parents more time to settle into a routine. If you have reusable nappies that your baby no longer needs, and they are still good quality, these can make for a great low-waste gift that can be passed on. Any of these options help families to reduce their waste even further by tapping into the circular economy and giving reusable nappies a second life.

Reusable nappies are great to help parents reduce their waste and save money. Gifting them one or two nappies offers the opportunity to give it a go.

Happy shopping!

Jenny Weeks

8 December 2020

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