Did you know that the UK throws away nearly 3 billion disposable nappies a year, creating 28.28 million tonnes of plastic waste?

Disposable nappies are not only the biggest contributors to single-use plastic waste, but also contribute to contamination in recycling, litter and sewage blockages, all having a damaging impact on our environment when incorrectly disposed of.

On World Environment Day 2020 (5th June), we are encouraging parents with babies in nappies and parents-to-be, to join our upcoming online reusable nappy demonstrations to learn just how easy it can be to make reusable nappies a part of your everyday nappy solution and in doing so significantly reduce your household waste and carbon footprint by 40%.

Long gone are the days of traditional terry-style nappies that require pinning, soaking and boil washing. Modern reusable nappy designs make using, washing and drying easy.  There are even cost benefits to switching to reusable nappies, with further savings to be made by continuing to use the same reusable nappies on subsequent children.

Alice Walker, Project Manager at Real Nappies for London says, “Even using just one reusable nappy in place of a disposable nappy every day could save 730 nappies from incineration or landfill. By providing reusable nappy demonstrations online at a time when social distancing measures are in place, we continue to provide parents with the practical information and support so that they can make a more informed nappy choice for their baby and for the environment.”

Parents with a baby under 18 months, or a parent-to-be, living in the London Boroughs of Bexley, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Lambeth and Waltham Forest, are also encouraged to apply for a free reusable nappy voucher up to the value of £54.15 to help with the initial cost of buying reusable nappies or to redeem for a trial home nappy laundry service. One voucher per baby, because every baby makes a difference!

Join a reusable nappy demo online by visiting our events diary.

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