On Tuesday 1st October 2019, Real Nappies for London held a reusable nappy meet-up for parents in London. The aim of the meet-up is to bring together parents with similar aged babies using reusable nappies and discuss ways that reusable nappies can be promoted more widely.  The group was joined by Hackney Real Nappy Network and Croydon Real Nappy Network (South London Nappies).

Discussion included:

  • Increasing awareness and visibility of modern reusable nappies through increased nappy information talks in local areas. Parents were keen to help out at upcoming events and set up new opportunities for events to offer parent-to-parent support and advice.
  • Accessibility to new and pre-loved reusable nappies.
  • How Real Nappies for London can support parents wanting nurseries and childminders to use reusable nappies. With reference also to how washable nappy laundry services can be crucial to supporting nurseries use reusable nappies.
  • What support is coming from local and central government, the GLA and defra to empower a more informed nappy choice for parents in the UK.

The group also discussed larger publicity opportunities and the role bigger brands can play to help raise the profile of reusable nappies to a wider audience.

Our Reusable Nappy Meet-up’s happen three times per year with the next session happening in February 2020. If you’re interested to get involved, or to hear more information about the actions arising from the meeting, please join our volunteer mailing list or get in touch: Alice Walker – info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk | 020 3150 2023.


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