Parents who use washable nappies are forever telling us how much they enjoy them, how it’s no more difficult than using disposables and also ask “Why don’t more parents use real nappies?”

The answer is; we don’t know!  But the main issue is that disposables appear to be normal.  They’re on sale in supermarkets, you were probably given free samples with your first Bounty pack, your midwife probably told you to bring some into hospital with you and of course disposing of them is free.  Why wouldn’t you use disposables, right?

In other words, most new and expectant parents need a lot of exposure to positive messages about the alternatives to disposables.  So don’t forget, just by using real nappies you are influencing others.  You may not know it, but someone who saw you change a real nappy, who may not even have talked to you about it, or just saw your baby wearing one, may well go on to find out more and try them. 

So keeping using real nappies and THANK YOU!

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