European Week for Waste Reduction is fast approaching (21-29 November).  Can you hold an information workshop, social event or visit your local children’s centre or sling meet to show off real nappies? 

Baby and maternity clothes swaps are very popular and can include real nappies.  Always remember, the more times people see reusables, the more likely they are to try them.

It would be great if you could all visit the EWWR website and pledge to hold a  washable nappy event and if that’s too much, simply pledge to use washables on your baby for that week to prevent 7kg of nappy waste going to landfill/incineration.

What are you planning in your area?  Why not make it fun; a stroll in the park or a coffee morning at your favourite café.  Please let us know with a link for people to sign up or find out more. 

Or if campaigning is more your thing, let us know about that.

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