Thank you to Izzy who has contributed this guest post as part of our Real Nappy Week 2015 writing competition.  Please keep sending in your stories.  Just email to realnappiesforlondon@lcrn.org.uk

I’m Izzy, mummy to two beautiful babes, living in the gorgeous South West!

Dylan was born on 12th August 2012 and was a disposable baby (the nappies, not Dylan!). We knew nothing about cloth nappies and didn’t know the money we were wasting and never really thought about the amount of waste we were adding to landfill. We were new parents and everything was a new challenge.

When Daisy came along on 8th May 2014, I had seen pictures of a friends child in the most stunning embroidered nappies and couldn’t help but be intrigued.  I wanted to know more. I wanted to see more.

I was added to a parent who cloth bum page and quickly became friendly with so many interesting, caring and amazing mummies. I was able to ask questions and received the best advice.  I bought a number of nappy bundles to try on my daughter.

In June, Daisy tried on her very first nappy – a pink cheapie with daisys on it. I was sold. I haven’t looked back since.

After June, our stash grew … then grew some more … took a knock when I had a destash … … … and grew even more.  I found pretty printed nappies, and then I found embroidered ‘pretty’ nappies.  I was in my element on WAHM (work at home mum) pages seeing what sort of embroideries I could get.  And I bought … a lot!!!  We were able to put Dylan in nappies on a couple of occasions before he potty trained. His absolute favourite was his Poshfluff by Poshbugs minion nappy…

With Dylan no longer in nappies, I was able to sell his nappies to fund some more for Daisy. I was amazed at the how well preloved nappies sell.

Daisy now has princesses, horses, unicorns, Disney characters and so much more.
We have been lucky enough to win a lot of nappies too (our first being the gorgeous Little Miss Sunshine by Outback Nappies)…

Our cloth journey so far has been a brilliant one. It has opened my eyes to the difference between using disposables and reusables. Reusables don’t have the horrible chemicals of disposables and don’t cause nappy rash like the disposables.  Reusables are biodegradable and don’t add to the horrible landfills all over the country.

Making the change to cloth has also introduced me to other reusable products … kitchen roll, wipes, breast pads and CSP.

I hope our cloth journey is a long one … and I hope to pass on the ‘clean green gene’ to my kiddies as they grow up.  To finish, here is a picture of Daisy in her amazing daisy duck nappy by Cloth Rockz

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