First of all thank you for using real nappies.  I’m sure you love them and get a good feeling from knowing that you are not putting out a big bag of disposable nappies every week that goes to landfill or incineration.

How passionate are you about real nappies?  Passionate enough to write to your MP or local councillor?  If so please drop her/him a quick line to say Real Nappies are better for the planet if you wash them at 60 degrees or lower and dry them on the line.  If more parents knew about them there would be a lot less nappy waste and the cost of collection and disposal would go down.

It’s really easy to drop an email to your MP or councillor using this link.  The more emails they receive the more confident they will be about talking about nappy waste.  We have to help them.  They think talking about nappy waste makes them unpopular.  We have to show them that more and more parents are using real nappies on their babies and love them.

Please share with your friends.

And thank you!

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