Sorry to break it you guys.  It wasn’t disposable nappies that liberated women, it was Feminism.  Decades and decades of struggle and as we all know,  gender equality is still an issue. 

The washing machine?  Now that helped.  But mainly it’s been Feminists that drew attention to the unpaid work of women as carers.  This is what means our generation of dads do change nappies and do load washing machines, do cook and shop for food.

The disposable nappy industry likes to claim that it liberated mothers from washing nappies but let’s face it, they are not in this business to bring about gender equality.  They are in it to make money.

What they’ve done over the last few decades is made potty training and  ‘holding out’ a thing of the past and made leaving children in nappies until they’re three and a half the norm.  This means actually whilst back in the ’50s babies were changed on average 5 times a day for one year, meaning a total of less than 2,000 changes, some parents are now changing nappies for 3.5 years meaning approx 7,000 changes per child.

This Real Nappy Week we’re exposing five myths that have helped make single-use nappies the norm.  All we aim to do is share this knowledge so you make up your own mind what’s right for you and your baby.

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