28 April – 4 May

Why are more and more parents opting for washable nappies? 

  • Disposable liners help keep the nappies clean so most of the time you’re just loading damp cloths into your washing machine. 
  • An increasing number of cloth nappy parents are giving their babies the opportunity to pee or poo on the pot at changing time from an early age.  This makes washing nappies even easier. It also usually means the transition from pants to nappies happens earlier, more easily with less stress for toddlers and carers!  (See the link at the bottom of this page to a wonderful blog about it, if you are interested in learning more.)
  • Parents tell us it’s not that much extra work.  You’re doing so much washing when you have a new baby, what’s the problem with an extra wash every other day?  And it saves bringing back big bulky packages from the supermarket.
  • But there’s an even bigger reason.  Parents just can’t bear the idea of all those disposable nappies 4,500-6,000 per baby, sitting in landfill for hundreds of years.

Come and celebrate using real nappies on Saturday 26 April at St Mary’s Centre, Upper Street.  Book your free place here and be part of the Big Cloth Nappy Change 2014.  NB You only need to book if you are participating in the Guinness nappy change at 11am.

Please arrive at 10.30am to register.  One adult per baby and baby must be changed into a cloth nappy. 

Link to Lulastic’s blog post Get Started with Elimination Communication

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