It’s European Week for Waste Reduction so we’re running a competition. Make a suggestion below and you can win an Ecoegg – great for washing nappies and reducing packaging waste.

This is what we want you to do. Imagine you’re sitting round the kitchen table with a group of friends – like these mums did 20 years ago.

You’ve decided your area of London needs a place where new parents can go to hang out together with their babies/toddlers, get information about real nappies, potty training, breastfeeding and what else? Would you like a local Real Baby Hub with a sewing machine so you can drop by and repair something? A computer you can use while someone holds your baby? Perhaps a bit like Nappy Ever After – but with sofas and nothing to sell – well maybe liners, coffee, smoothies and ???

Tell us what would happen at your dream local Real Baby Hub. If there’s an empty shop nearby that would make a great Real Baby Hub tell us the address too. When would it be open?

Our dream is that Mary Portas will stumble across this page with all your brilliant ideas and help us make them happen. Is it a good use for an empty shop?

Please note: after you’ve submitted your idea please send an email to nappies@lcrn.org.uk titled ‘ecoegg’ so we know you want to enter the competition. Please send emails by 12 noon Thursday 28 November to be eligible to win the prize.

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