Are you one of those parents that doesn’t want to use washable nappies? Don’t worry, you can still make a difference and save money. This European Week for Waste Reduction (16-24 November) let’s talk about toilet training.

Did you know that since disposables became the norm children come out of nappies about one to two years later than they used to?

Before disposables became the norm most children were out of nappies by two during the day and three years old during the night. That’s a lot more waste going to landfill and incineration – and a lot more resources in the manufacture and transportation of single-use nappies that are actually not necessary!

So if you want to make life easier (for yourself and child), save money and reduce waste, invest in a potty. According to child continence experts your child should be sitting on a potty from one year at the latest – just to get used to it. It’s through toilet training that children develop bowel and bladder control so the earlier the better. For more information on how to potty training see this post: New thoughts on Potty Training.

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