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I am an Islington resident and have taken advantage of the nappy voucher scheme. I am emailing you my results.

We have always recycled plastics, paper, tin/aluminium/steel and glass as well as composting food waste. We have marked bins in the house and have an above average knowledge of recyclable plastics. We make use of the recycle centre 2-3 times a month.

While using disposables, we were disposing of two large black bags of general, unrecyclable waste. I started using cloth nappies mainly during the day time, and waste has been reduced to one large black bag, approximately 2/3 full. When I redeemed the voucher, I decided to take it a step further and use cloth nappies exclusively. Last Sunday I disposed of 1/4 bag of waste.

I see this as a great result, though am keen to improve this figure. I am going to start using microfibre cloths instead of nappy wipes, as this is the only thing my side bin is filled with at the moment.

I am so pleased with my results, I am going to spread the word to other mums in the borough, at our playgroups and classes. I am going to dress my baby in the most attractive striped cloth nappy, as I know it will be noticed, and get heads wagging.

Islington Mum and resident, September 2013

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