People have been intrigued by my suggestion that residents drop off bags of used disposable nappies at supermarkets. They are asking how it would work errrr… technology?

There would be a nappy bank, a bit like a clothes bank (which is emptied regularly) and when the resident drops off the bag they get a bar code and the bag of nappy waste is given a bar code. The customer uses the code as credit on their supermarket shopping. This is similar to way I returned bottles to an Austrian supermarket about 10 years ago! If rubbish has been deposited that is not disposable nappy waste the bar code would act as a trace.

Well, that’s my vision of the future where the full cost of producing and selling single-use nappies is paid for by those who profit from selling them.

RNfL’s blog response to Defra’s Waste Prevention Plan for England can be seen here

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