We’ve just come across a number of real nappy users experiencing nappy rash. What they have in common is that they have been using highly scented alcohol disposable wipes at change time more often than usual because they’re out and about more in this lovely sunny weather. These wipes dry and weaken the skin and make it more vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections.

The best alternative to commercial single use wipes is reusable wipes. Take them out with you in a plastic bag. They should be just damp having been soaked in water with a few drops of essential oil such as Tee Tree Oil or Lavender.

If your baby suffers from nappy rash don’t use a barrier cream or mineral oil. Both stop the skin breathing and delay healing.

Clean the skin at changing time with just water. If the skin is particularly sore make up a solution of cooled boiled water with a few drops of Calendula oil and splash that on the affected area after washing. Also expose the bottom to lots of fresh air with lots of no-nappy time.

To speed up healing and strengthen the skin use natural vegetable oils that work for your skin. Coconut oil is naturally antiseptic. If using sweet almond oil or olive oil (base oil) add one drop of Tee Tree oil per one ml of the base oil. If you have empty essential oil bottles you can make up fresh 10ml solutions frequently.

This may all sound complicated at first. However replacing highly scented commercial products (that contain lots of preservatives such as alcohol) with herbal remedies to look after your family’s skin soon becomes a habit, saves you money and prevents minor problems becoming acute health issues and difficult to manage.

Please note, essential oils are powerful. Do not be apply directly to the skin. Only use 2-3 drops in water and one drop to 1ml of base oil. Essential oils should not be used on babies under 6 weeks.

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