That’s the message we got from parents who wanted to use real nappies, got a voucher (which we all know takes some effort) but then didn’t spend it.

When we asked them what stopped them they told us they were overwhelmed by the choice. So we set them up with 8 nappies, enough to last 24 hours. When they ran out of real nappies they put them in the washing machine and used disposables until the real nappies were clean and dry and ready to use again.

What we gave them was a pack of 6 pre-fold nappies (£3 each), a shaped nappy (£11.99) , 2 waterproof covers (£9 each) , a roll of liners (£3.95) and a stuffable nappy (£15.99).

When we met up a month later the parents told us: “You’ve got to tell parents all the nappies work. There’s nothing to be frightened about.” But they also know which ones they like best, what they want more of and how many.

So the message is; buy a few nappies and get started!

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