There are several reasons why London parents get real nappies:

We don’t like to hang around: we want to exit the hospital quickly after the birth. A cloth nappy shows baby has peed and then you can go! More difficult to tell with stay-dry disposables that can prolong the wait at the hospital

We don’t want to waste money: if you buy a set of real nappies for approx. £200 instead of spending £10 a week on disposables you’ve paid off the upfront cost in 20 weeks

We don’t like waste: if you use disposable nappies on just one baby your household waste is likely to double

We like incentives such as nappy vouchers, cashbacks and free trial packs from our local London authority. They need us to reduce waste and real nappies saves them c £160 per baby by cutting the nappy waste they have to collect and send to landfill

We want to enjoy changing our babies: you’re going to change your baby about 4,500 times you want to love it.

And we’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd: just look at these royal nappies in the London Life section of the Evening Standard

Love real nappies, love London, love it if the royal baby’s bottom is clad in cloth and joins London babies in reducing disposable nappy waste around the world!

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