For many years now parents have been telling us they put their baby in a disposable so they can get a good night’s sleep. Usually the idea came from their NCT teacher. Was this useful advice?

This articles in the BMJ says parents shouldn’t expect their babies to sleep through the night.

This advice also has implications for continuing breastfeeding. If you want to see the full article it’s accessible via this NZ web site you can read it here. Download the pdf.

If you want more information this web site looks useful: Infant sleep information

This has reminded me of the way P&G (Pampers) got mums in China to use disposable nappies. They ran ads to say a disposable nappy would give the baby a good night’s sleep and make the child more intelligent.

Here’s a study that says this may be true – after one year! So that’s when babies in cotton nappies would be sleeping through the night anyway.

For more on Pampers in China see this post by Futerra.

It’s just annoying to see the misinformation given to new parents by businesses that put profit before caring for the interests of their customers – and the planet. But eventually the truth does come out.

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