Real Nappies for London celebrated its 5th birthday in July having issued over 10,000 vouchers. But we think more people would apply for vouchers if they knew about them so we’re looking for help.

Would you like to meet other real nappy users and help design and implement a new marketing strategy to raise the profile of the Real Nappies for London scheme? If your borough is not already signed up to the scheme you could help make that happen.

We will hold sessions once every 6 weeks/two months. At these meetings we will create and update a marketing and outreach strategy and share and develop skills and experience. In addition you would probably spend about an hour a week on average either out and about or at the computer – depending which you prefer. We suspect most people won’t be able to continue helping us for more than a few months, but it would be a great help.

Our first ever volunteer PR team meeting/workshop is happening on Thursday 20th September 2-4pm at our office in Hoxton. If you’re interested in joining please email alice@lcrn.org.uk or phone 020 7324 4709 for more information. Babies and toddlers are welcome.

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