Real Nappies for London is 5 years old this July and since we started in 2007 we have given out over 10,000 nappy vouchers. We’re proud that more and more parents are using real nappies on their babies especially as it helps stretch the family budget during the recession.

The voucher helps expectant and new parents find out about alternatives to disposable nappies and helps towards the cost of a set of nappies or a nappy laundry service trial. We also direct them to small businesses that also sell reusable wipes – another big money saver.

The idea of washing nappies frightens some parents so we also ensure there is good information about how to wash nappies on the web site and help spread crowd wisdom. Real nappies have become more and more sophisticated with easy-care fabrics that make washing and drying nappies a doddle.

We also love to promote the activity of changing your baby as an important and enjoyable way of connecting with your baby. Babies change and develop so fast you want to treasure this special time. Do look at this video to see just how important the changing routine is to bonding with your baby.

These days expectant parents are bombarded with advertising from corporations that sell the promise of ‘convenience’ when actually their main driver is profit. Real Nappies for London and real nappy businesses are spreading good information about potty training so parents can spend less, stress less and help the environment.

Please visit our web site at www.realnappiesforlondon.org.uk to sign up for a voucher and give real nappies a go. If you are a real nappy fan please tell your friends and family about the voucher.


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