Just thinking about the success of the The Baby Pit Stop at the London Green Fair. What we found out from the overwhelming response was there is a great need for expectant and new parents to get information about continuous care during pregnancy and birth (that can only be guaranteed from independent midwives at the moment), hypnobirth, preparation for breastfeeding, natural infant hygiene, baby-wearing, natural immunity, real nappies and more in one place. We’re just wondering how we can make this happen, again, soon, in London.

How can we help grow Urban Tribes as Robin Grilles suggests where expectant and new parents in London get the support they need? How can we also deliver knowledge and motivation to reduce environmental impacts, reducing carbon and waste and encourage collaborative consumption?

This weekend at the Baby Pit Stop at the London Green Fair we saw a huge willingness from individuals and companies to collaborate to offer holistic services. We also saw the demand from expectant and new parents. And we also witnessed a huge appetite for products and services that will protect the planet for our children. Let’s do it again soon? Before next June, right?

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