At Real Nappies for London we think this is absolutely true and here’s why:

We’re all the same, when we think about changing a nappy we imagine the worst! In reality most nappies are simply damp.

You can use disposable bio-degradable liners with real nappies. That means that if a nappy is soiled most of the poo can go down the loo.

Many babies give cues to tell you that they are about to soil. They are born with a natural instinct to be clean. If your baby does this you may find your baby likes you to remove the nappy to enable her/him to poo on a pot. Less washing, real easy.

A laundry bag in a bucket with a lid means you store the nappies – most people don’t soak nappies these days – until you have a machine load. Then you lift out the bag and throw it in the machine. The nappies fall out of the bag during the wash cycle. It’s as clean and simple as that.

Soapnuts and special nappy detergents mean there is no need to wash nappies at more than 60 degrees. Beyond 6 months, 40 degrees is normally fine.

If nappies are not completely clean and fresh when they come out of the washing machine (it does depend on your washing machine) start with a cold rinse cycle before the normal wash cycle.

Shaped nappies in modern light weight materials are available for parents who can’t or don’t like folding flat nappies. For those who do like wrapping baby in a cotton nappy (snug fit for new borns) there is no need for pins. Waterproof wraps hold the nappy in place or you can use a nappy grip.

Fleece liners are available for babies that don’t like feeling wet. Please note that stay dry nappies, whether reusable or disposable don’t give baby the stimulation to experiment with bladder control so try to give baby stimulation some of the time. Our research indicated that wearing cotton nappies before 6 months makes potty training happen earlier, quicker and more easily.

You don’t need to change a real nappy any more often than you should change any nappy ie every 3-4 hours (during waking hours). The incidence of nappy rash has not declined since the dominance of disposable nappies. Nappy rash is caused by teething, illness, change of diet and most of all not changing the nappy frequently enough.

People who use real nappies say they are fantastic and producing less waste makes them feel great about the whole nappy changing business.

Visit http://www.realnappiesforlondon.org.uk/nappytypes/ to help you find out which nappies will be best for you and your baby.

Check out events happening during Real Nappy Week across London where you can get information from a mum who has used real nappies and meet other mums who are using them:

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an opportunity to watch real parents changing real nappies. It’s happening at 5.30pm on Saturday 21 April in Camden, Hackney and Lewisham.

Enjoy real nappies, enjoy your baby.

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