The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) does an amazing job bringing expectant parents together and fostering new friendships.  It reaches us at a crucial stage of our lives.  The birth of a new child makes most of us look at our lives in a new way.  We think about the world that our children will live in and our grandchildren too.

But we are also very vulnerable, fearful, not knowing what the future holds and how we will cope.  Big business knows this too.  That is why, as expectant parents we are bombarded by advertising.

The NCT is a charity and we trust it.  Many new parents volunteer for the NCT, helping to run ‘Nearly New Sales’ to raise money for the charity.  It is hugely influential.  So is it right that the NCT is sponsored by the producers of Pampers and Comfort?

And does the NCT do enough to inform parents about green and healthy lifestyles and the risks of exposure to some mainstream products?   According to the Ecologist Comfort is a cocktail of dangerous chemicals that can lead to asthma, eczema and glue ear in babies. Does this kind of sponsorship compromise the values of the NCT and its members? And if so, how does the NCT need to change?

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