We would love parents to get involved in #RealLifeReusables to share the love of reusable nappies. If you are a parent or parent-to-be read on!


A child will use at least 4,000 single-use nappies in the first 2.5 years of their life. Switching to reusable, washable nappies can significantly reduce a families consumption of plastic.

Small Changes, Big Difference



Using just one reusable nappy a day over 2.5 years will save 912 disposable nappies going to incinerator or landfill


  • Modern designs make using, washing and drying easy
  • Saves you money
  • Soft and absorbent breathable materials against babies skin
#RealLifeReusables provides a platform for parents to share the real life experiences and benefits of using reusable nappies, offering messages of support and encouragement to help more parents make the switch and reduce a baby’s single-use nappy waste. If you have not yet started or if you are completely new to reusable nappies and want to know more about using them, then this campaign is also for you. We want to hear from as many parents as possible across social media, whether they have started or not.


  • Share on social media why you love using reusable nappies, any tips or recommendations to support and motivate parents new to reusable nappies.
  • Share on social media that you are starting to use reusable nappies on your baby in July. #PlasticFreeJuly
  • Let others know that you have redeemed a Real Nappies for London Reusable Nappy Voucher. Refer a friend to help them get started.
  • Write to your Local Council and MP using the Nappy Alliance template to encourage the uptake of a reusable nappy incentive scheme in your area if there isn’t one. Share on social media to encourage more people to do so.
  • Share information about your local Cloth Nappy Library or Nappy Network.
  • Recommend a local or favourite reusable nappy retailer or manufacturer. We have a list of suppliers on our website.
  • Share that you’ve used and recommend a washable nappy laundry service.
  • Let people know that you have good quality, no longer needed, reusable nappies to pass-on to friends, family members or colleagues who are expecting or currently have a baby in nappies.
  • Where possible volunteer your time and expertise to help support those promoting the benefits of reusable nappies.
  • Attend and/or refer a friend to one of our online reusable nappy demos. You could even host your own reusable nappy demo online for your friends!

Whatever you do to get involved, make sure to use the hashtag #RealLifeReusables and tag @realnappiesforlondon to get it trending.

Learn about reusable nappies 

Find answers to your questions by joining one of Real Nappies for London’s online reusable nappy demonstrations. You will learn about the main types of reusable nappies and how to use, wash and dry them. 

Free Reusable Nappy Vouchers

Apply for a FREE  reusable nappy voucher worth up to £54.15

If you are a parent living in the London Boroughs of Bexley, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Lambeth and Waltham Forest with a baby under 18 months, or if you are a parent-to-be, then you are eligible to apply for a free voucher worth up to £54.15 to help with the initial cost of buying reusable nappies. The voucher can be put towards a set of reusable nappies you have already researched and would like to try, or if you are unsure, then we recommend spending your voucher on a bundle containing the three main types of reusable nappies. That way you can give them a go and buy more of a particular style you and your baby enjoy. 

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