City of London

The City of London offers parents living in the borough the opportunity to receive up to £54.15 cashback towards the cost of purchasing reusable nappies or for a reusable nappy trial laundry service. To request an application form, please visit the City of London real nappy page. This scheme is not administered by Real Nappies for London.

City of London

Recycling Team
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Why Switch to Reusable Nappies

Over a 2.5 year period, a baby will have gone through at least 4,000 nappy changes. The majority of these nappies will be single-use and thrown away to be incinerated. Parents switch to reusable nappies for three main reasons:

Better for Baby

Breathable soft natural fabrics, which are comfortable and gentle on your baby’s skin.

Reduce Waste

By using just one reusable nappy a day instead of a disposable nappy, you will save 912 disposable nappies from incineration.

Save Money

In the long term, parents can make savings of around £500. More if the nappies are used on a second child.

What are reusable nappies?

Reusable nappies come in three main types: All-in-One, Shaped and Flat. Modern designs make using, washing and drying easy.


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