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Reusable Nappy Voucher Application

Real Nappies for London works with London Boroughs to help reduce disposable nappy waste. If you live in a voucher participating borough and your baby is under 18 months, or you are a parent-to-be, you can apply for a free reusable nappy voucher to help with the upfront cost of buying reusable nappies or for a trial laundry service. Please remember it’s one voucher per baby.

NOTICE: Real Nappies for London is currently managed by one member of staff with the aim of processing applications within two working days of receiving your supporting documents and application form. During busy periods, it might take a little longer. Please e-mail info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk if you have any questions about your application. You can also contact Real Nappies for London directly by calling: 020 3150 2023 or 07928 836175.

NOTICE: Lambeth vouchers are currently on a waiting list. You are welcome to continue to apply and we will be in touch with further information. To find out more, email: info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk.



Step 1 – Are you Eligible?

Voucher Participating Boroughs:   

Step 2 – Complete the Application Form

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    How would you like to receive your real nappy voucher?
    E-mail is quicker to process and reduces paper, but we can send your voucher by post if you prefer.

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    *Eligible up to 18 months.

    RNfL aims to be as inclusive as possible. By providing us with sensitive personal data such as ethnicity, you are helping the Real Nappies for London Voucher Scheme reach the widest audience possible and help London reduce nappy waste even more.

    The Real Nappies for London Voucher Scheme will use the personal data you are providing in this Application Form in order to provide you with the services comprised in the scheme. This will include contacting you to remind you about redeeming your voucher, advertise upcoming local real nappy events and special offers so you can redeem your voucher and pick up, or donate real nappies, and to request feedback on the scheme to improve our service in the future. By proceeding with this application, you are agreeing to allow us to use your personal data in this way. Real Nappies for London only uses personal data strictly in accordance with terms of our Data Protection Policy.

    Please tick to show that you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions of the Real Nappies for London Voucher Scheme



    Real Nappies for London Voucher Scheme Terms and Conditions

    By accepting the Terms of Conditions of the Real Nappies for London (RNfL) Voucher Scheme, a project administered by London Community Resource Network (LCRN), you agree that: You are living in a voucher participating borough and you have a baby under 18 months (or you are expecting a baby). Vouchers are issued one per baby. Only the applicant may use the voucher and must still be living in the borough upon the time of redeeming the voucher. If you are applying on behalf of your partner, please enter their details in the application form. Any “personal data” (defined by the EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (a “data subject”) will be held by us in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. Information you submit in the application form will be held by Real Nappies for London for 36 months for monitoring and research purposes, after which all personal data will be held by our administrative body LCRN for the purposes of audit and tax reasons for six years. Real Nappies for London can contact you during these 36 months to provide the voucher service to you and to:

    1. Remind you to spend your voucher;
    2. Advertise local real nappy events so you can redeem your voucher and pick up, or donate, real nappies;
    3. Request feedback on the scheme to improve our service in the future.

    By sending Real Nappies for London three supporting documents you are giving us permission to check and securely hold this data for auditing purposes at LCRN. We request this information to prove that you are who you say you are, that you have a baby (or are expecting a baby) and that you live in one of the voucher participating boroughs. Real Nappies for London will issue your voucher by e-mail, unless otherwise stated in the application form. E-vouchers are usually processed within two to three working days and postal voucher will take up to ten working days to arrive. Please add info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk to your contacts list to make sure that the e-voucher comes through safely. Our marketing e-mails provide voucher applicants with up-to-date information about real nappies, offer support if needed, and to advertise local real nappy events so you can redeem your voucher and pick up, or donate real nappies. By completing the application form you are giving Real Nappies for London permission to contact you in order that we may provide the voucher service to you. To unsubscribe from our e-mails please contact: info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk. The proper use of the voucher is the responsibility of the person named on it. In the event of fraud, the person registered for the voucher will be contacted by the issuing local authority and may be prosecuted. Real Nappies for London does not endorse one particular brand or real nappy manufacturer.

    Your Reusable Nappy Voucher:

    • can only be used by the person named on it;
    • can only be used to buy nappies, wraps, booster pads, liners, nappy grips, training pants or for a trial laundry service;
    • cannot buy swim nappies, buckets, reusable baby wipes, changing mats, clothes or other such baby products;
    • cannot be exchanged for cash, i.e. you cannot have cash change if you buy less than the value of the voucher;
    • must be used within six months of its issue date and redeemed in one purchase with a supplier listed on our ‘where to buy’ supplier list;
    • is only valid while you remain a resident of the borough – you may be asked for identification or current proof of address when you use your voucher.

    Voucher participating local authority officers have limited access to check and issue vouchers. All real nappy suppliers registered to the Real Nappies for London voucher scheme are given limited access to the Real Nappies for London database for the purposes only of verifying your application by matching vouchers to applicants and to verify and lock an applicant’s voucher when it has been used. Suppliers are only permitted access to the applicant’s name, address and voucher code.

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    Step 3 – Send Your Supporting Documents

    To prove that you are who you say you are, that you have a baby (or are expecting a baby) and that you live in one of the voucher participating boroughs we request that you send us PHOTOCOPIES of one each of the following three supporting documents:

    1: Proof of Identity – e.g Driver’s Licence, Passport or Birth Certificate;

    2: Proof of Address – All recent (in the past month) documentation e.g Recent Council Tax Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Statement.  (Please note: driver’s licence will not be accepted as proof of address). Please make sure the date is shown and cross out any information you don’t think is relevant. We just need to see your name, address and date.

    3: Proof of Pregnancy or Birth – e.g – MatB1 Form (both sides), NHS Prescription Charge Card, Baby’s Birth Certificate or Scan Report. An official document with your name and the baby’s DOB or EDD. If you are applying for twins or more, please send the hospital scan report. You will receive one voucher per baby.

    You can take a high quality photograph or scan of the document and send by e-mail: info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk

    If you are sending your application and supporting documents by post, please notify us by email: info@realnappiesforlondon.org.uk

    Your voucher application will only be processed once Real Nappies for London has received all three of the supporting documents.


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