Reusable Nappy Talks at St Thomas’ Hospital

Reusable Nappy Talks at St Thomas’ Hospital

Since September 2018, Real Nappies for London have been delivering real nappy talks to expectant parents attending daytime antenatal classes at St Thomas’ Hospital. The short talk is an opportunity for parents to see and learn about the main types of...

An award-winning paper by RNfL highlights significant savings to ditching disposable nappies

An award-winning paper by RNfL highlights significant savings to ditching disposable nappies

A co-authored paper titled ‘Contribution of ‘Real Nappies for London’ to Local Authority Waste Prevention – 2012-2016’ has been awarded the prestigious Telford Premium Award, for best paper in the Institute of Civil Engineers Waste and Resource Management journal. The ceremony at the ICE Publishing Awards 2018 will take place on Monday 8th October.

My Real Nappy Experience

My Real Nappy Experience

It was actually my husband who suggested we try real nappies because he just couldn’t bear the thought of the incredible amount of landfill one child would create – he still struggles with the sheer volume of stuff a small person needs! So I diligently did my research...

Breakfast Briefing Summary

On April 26th Real Nappies for London (RNfL) held a Breakfast Briefing to celebrate Real Nappy Week (23 – 29 April 2018). A number of key players involved in nappy waste reduction came together to discuss their incentive schemes and how they can play a vital role in helping to achieve Local Authority waste reduction and develop environmental and social values, which can be mutually beneficial to borough residents and Local Authorities.

Five Reasons Why My Baby Wears Real Nappies – A Dad’s View

Five Reasons Why My Baby Wears Real Nappies – A Dad’s View

Women work so hard throughout their pregnancies to ensure their babies aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals, yet as soon as they are born we dress them in disposables with ‘feel-dry’ technology and a little blue line to show how much they have weed, only made possible with the inclusion of nasty chemicals like sodium polyacrylate…

Real Nappies for London Breakfast Briefing

When: Thursday 26 April 2018 Time: 8.30am – 11.00am Where: Council Chamber, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE To celebrate Real Nappy Week (23 – 29 April 2018), Real Nappies for London (RNfL) is inviting delegates to a breakfast briefing at Camden Town...

Have your say #EWWRNappyChat

Everyday more and more parents are switching to modern cloth nappies to reduce the UK’s nappy waste. But not everyone is aware of the choices available to them – we want to change this! Join Real Nappies for London, parents, cloth nappy suppliers and networks for a social media #EWWRNappyChat on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 20.00 to 21.00 to share your experience, tips and enthusiasm for real cloth nappies.

Together we are making a difference

On Wednesday 20 September 2017, Real Nappies for London joined Hackney Real Nappy Network’s Real Nappy Meet & Give and Take - a popular real nappy event that takes place in Hackney every two months! The Hackney Real Nappy Network offers parents a zero-waste...

Real Nappy Week 2017 – #switchforsix

More and more London households are discovering that reducing their environmental footprint makes them feel good. As a city we are learning to love recycling and prevent food waste. But sometimes it's hard to change a habit and make that step into the unknown. Real...

Nappy Rash Advice

Most babies get a rash some time.  It can be due to teething, when they are ill, change of diet or detergent residue build up.  It’s unlikely to be caused by the liners. Some advice generally for avoiding nappy rash with real nappies: Change the nappy regularly and...

Washing Real Nappies

Are you having problems with washing real nappies? Below are our most frequently asked questions from parents who are having trouble washing their real nappies.  If you have an alternative issue, please call the RNfL helpline: 020 7324 4709.  The majority of real...

Outraged parents slam Anglesey council’s ‘disgusting’ demand to see children’s birth certificates before binmen will collect nappies

From looking at this Mirror headline you would think it was a waste collection story or even a 'right to privacy' issue.  But what's behind it is actually a serious public health and education crisis.  Over the last 20 years, since disposables became the...

Imagine a world without disposable nappy waste

Spending money on reducing nappy waste is investment in the future.  Local authorities understand that the days of use and throw are numbered.  We can't carry on using up resources in the way we do now.  Single-use nappies are sold to the public as the convenient...

We need to talk about potty training

We need to talk about potty training

In December 2015 a teacher from a primary school in Stoke told Channel 4 News (for a report on poverty in the UK) that 35% of September’s reception children had arrived at her school in nappies.  When I recently discussed this with a Danish IT consultant (who...

What is Baby-Led Potty Training?

What is Baby-Led Potty Training?

Julie Rose is a mum of one living in Stoke Newington, she volunteered at the Hackney Real Nappy Network nappuccino sessions to raise awareness about Baby-Led Potty Training – a technique used to drastically reduce nappy use and something she learnt through a friend who practiced BLPT with her son.

Why are we sharing a film of a disposable nappy being changed in Real Nappy Week?

This beautiful film 'Dance of the Nappy' is a small section of Suzanne Zeedyk's film 'The Connected Baby.'  It shows how important nappy changing is.  It's not just a routine hygiene procedure/chore.  It's actually a really important time for your baby...

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