Why does Real Nappies for London need a new name?  I started this conversation @_RNfL yesterday.  Thanks for joining in.  Perhaps we don’t but there are several reasons why we’re considering a rebrand:

  1. The term ‘real’ nappies has become controversial.  Many in the real nappy community now prefer the term ‘reusable’
  2. Our remit at RNfL now extends to coming out of nappies.  There is a big potential for waste reduction (and our funding currently comes from waste prevention budgets) if toddlers stop wearing nappies (during the day) at around two years rather than four years old.  We’re missing a big audience for potty training messages by being called ‘Real Nappies for London’
  3.  Over the last few years we have also responded to the growing interest in giving babies the potty from birth.   What used to be quite normal and called ‘holding out’ is now becoming fashionable and goes by various names: Natural Infant Hygiene, Baby-led pottying, Diaper/Nappy Free or Elimination Communication. 
  4. Nappies are not just a waste issue they are also a health issue and it’s often midwives and other health professionals (HPs) who give out RNfL leaflets.  We therefore need a name that works for them.  
  5. Some HPs believe real nappies are only used by white middle-class families and so are reluctant to hand out our leaflets to their clients.

So it’s tricky.  We’d also like the name to be fun, joyful.  We want to convey positive messages about changing babies to first-time expectant parents.  Nappy changing shouldn’t be something we always do in a rush, a dirty task to be despised.  Nappy changing is contact time with our babies.  A time to enjoy, to sing, coo, smile blow raspberries on her/his tummy. 

All thoughts and ideas welcome! 

Nappy conscious?  Nappy Savvy?  Nappy Aware?  Baby Love?

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