This is an inspiring guest blog from MothersLoveGreen. If you would like to go but are too far from Archway why not set up something similar for mothers in your area (or fathers or parents)?

It’s easy to get a bit of cabin fever on the mum-scene. Sometimes it feels like the wheels on the bus really are going round all day long. There aren’t many groups where you can hang out with your babe and also engage with wider issues in the big wide world.

This is where MothersLoveGreen comes in – a new group for mums who are interested in environmental and sustainability issues.

MothersLoveGreen runs a bit like a book group – but we discuss a theme on the topic of sustainability, climate change and the environment each month, instead of all reading the same book. Meet ups happen on the second Wednesday morning of every month, at my house in Archway. We share what we have learned in the group; and discuss whether we could spread a little mothers’ love to help things move in a positive direction. Obviously babies and little people are welcome!

We are also drawing on the great expertise and knowledge that lies within the mum scene itself. There are mums who are already experts in their own right – working on sustainability issues in government; think tanks; research; business; NGOs and more. Sometimes we invite them as speakers to talk to the group and give us the inside story on issues they know about – and some are part of the group itself.

Being involved is a great way to learn more about sustainability issues, to do something positive and to meet like-minded people. If you are looking for a mums-and-babies group that isn’t just about baby-stuff, then this might be the group for you.

We are only just starting up, and would be delighted to have more people join us. If you are interested in hearing more or in getting involved, please email me at pollard.amy (at) gmail.com 

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