We just want to give you some feedback on a research project we are carrying out at Real Nappies for London. Our aim is to find out why some parents who intend to use real nappies don’t get round to it. And when they do, what happens?

We’ve found some parents who were willing to take a trial pack of real nappies, instead of a voucher. We are offering them additional nappies, wraps, liners etc up to the value of £100 if they agree to meet up with us once a month to let us know how things are going. It’s so interesting.

We’re approaching the end now as the last meetings are in August. It will all be written up at the end. Meanwhile we just wanted to share some thoughts from the participants. The main things they are saying are:

1 the main barrier was thinking they had to find the perfect nappy. What they’ve realised is that all the nappies work. But some suit their baby (and lifestyle) more than others. But it’s only by using them that you find out.

2 they thought that starting to use real nappies would be a really big project. But their experience is that by starting out with a few nappies and using them part time along-side disposables it hasn’t been a big change or needed a big investment of time and effort.

Any additional comments from participants would be great. We know parents love to hear what other parents say directly.

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